Friday, September 7, 2012

Team White BOHA 50th Anniversary Playoff Champion

Team White BOHA
Team White BOHA

Team White BOHA
Team White BOHA
  Gagne minoritaire de l'équipe Blanc
Semaine 2 à BOHA, c'est comme les sondages prédit. Deux liens et une minorité 7-4 victoire pour l'équipe des blancs sur l'équipe bleue. Équipe Blanc parachuté dans certains des candidats vedettes, les nouveaux membres qui Knowles Steve pot 4 buts et Bob Gendron de Darien qui a joué une défense solide.

Avec les deux précédents jeux de cravate, 2-2 entre equipe noir et equipe rouge et un autre 3-3 entre l'or et le vert, la semaine prochaine sondage suggère une autre victoire minoritaire pour les 3 équipes

Toutes les équipes, sauf equipe Blue ont au moins un point cette saison. Pas de soucis pour le Bleu, tout comme le nouveau gouvernement, une victoire est juste autour du coin, peut prendre 9 ans pour l'obtenir.

reporter de terrain

  Team White BOHA 50th Anniversary Playoff Champion
Advanced tickets sold out weeks ago, the expected overcapacity crowd started filing in to Centre Bell to witness the long awaited championship game between Team White and Team Blue. By 6:30pm, young fans and future Bohaniens had donned their skates and some in full gear to step on the most storied hockey franchise ice for the first time. With the concession stand grilling and to those who took out a mortgage to experience the famous “Forum” hot dogs, the place was ready, rocking and Teams Black, Green, Gold and Red provided the opening act. After a 5-5 tie between Black and Green, junior Field Reporter Robert Bowrin filed this game action report between Gold and Red. “Gold over Red, 4 -3. Stunningly beautiful goal by Marc Lemery, a la Bobby Orr, (after his knees went bad) with 18.2 seconds left in the game, lifting an 8 game monkey off his back where he was cursed with losses”.

Soon the main event was ready and the game did not disappoint the diehards who chose to stay to witness the BOHA 50th Anniversary showcase...

Time and again, Team White got in the way of Team Blue and did not allow them to play their game. With some added efforts in front of Blue’s net, Mike Rourke and Marco Romani, judged by the jury as Team White Playoff MVP led the rest of the hard working crew in neutralizing and grinding Team Blue potent offence into the ground while making the most out of their chances into a 3-0 lead. Almost a perfect defensive game, Team White Defensive corps made short, crisp passes and chip outs to move the puck up while steering Blue’s potent power forwards to the outside and blocking 39 shots along the way.

Never gave up, a hard charging Team Blue, who let the last regular season game and first place slipped by to avoid the curse did not easily give up and started the comeback trail when Martin St-Amour threaded the needle just under the crossbar from the slot to make it 3-1. But Team White Neil Gargul, unexpectedly took care of business hauling Team Blue franchise player James Lavoie along with him to the sin bin for over 4 minutes late in the game allowing Team White a welcome breath of relief. With the most dangerous player at bay and Team White into a defensive mode, it was a matter of time before the siren went and to begin celebrating as the only team to win the BOHA 50th Anniversary Playoff Edition.

As is the custom, a tribute and lineups of both championship teams in the historic game:

Champion Team White lineup:
General Manager & CEO: Roger Richard
Goalie: George Tan
Defense: Yves Quenneville, Scott Meehan, Mark Dubois, Joey Strati, Keith Imhoff
Forwards: Mike Rourke, Neil Gargul, John MacIntosh, Adam Belley, Glenn Watt, Roger Richard, Marco Romani, Claude Lapointe, Ed Hussey.

Playoff Runner up Team Blue:
General Manager : Chris Wright
Goalie: Dave Wood
Defense: Chris Wright, Dave Morton, Paul Regimbal, Pierre Tardif, Ron Carriere
Forwards: James Lavoie, Martin St-Amour, Terry O’Neill, Brad Belvedere, Daniel Lafrance, Greg Maloney, Rick Wyjad, Mike Downey, Michel Lorber, Steven Graham.