Friday, March 23, 2012

Blackwood Bagpipe Parts

Naill Blackwood Bagpipe Parts by David Naill Bagpipes
Choose the replacement part--stock, drone piece, blowpipe--you need for your David Naill Bagpipes.  The pieces available in the dropdown list below, are parts from the popular DN1, DN2 and DN3 model bagpipes, although some of the parts are also used on other bagpipe models, so you may still find a match if you have a different Naill set. Nickel refers to plain (not engraved) nickel. All replacement parts are Blackwood and are made by David Naill & Co. Bagpipes with the same processes, equipment and attention as all Naill pipes. 
Blackwood Bagpipe Parts
See the diagrams for help in identifying the replacement bagpipe part you need or the mounts you want the part to have. The bagpipe model pictured is a Naill DN1 with standard imitation ivory.
If you need Naill bagpipe parts that are not listed here, we can still help. Just call or email for more information.
Matching: Many bagpipe manufacturers have made changes in their pipes over the years. Changes in wood finish and imitation ivory mount material are most common.  So, it's possible that the replacement part may not be a perfect visual match, although it would be correct for sound and fit. If you need a custom part or repair, we can generally help or point you in the right direction. To have a part custom made or refurbished, one or more of your bagpipe parts may need to be shipped to Canada or the UK for a number of weeks.

Blackwood Bagpipe Parts
Tip: Take care when ordering parts with imitation ivory, as Naill offers both Standard Imitation Ivory and Aged Imitation Ivory, and both are on the dropdown. Aged Imitation Ivory has been offered by Naill for the past several years.
Note: Bagpipe Parts generally take about 4-8 weeks for delivery.
The Base Price for Blackwood Naill Bagpipe Parts appears above

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